• Why we call it a FOCUSED SHOW?

    Food Show is a FOCUSED SHOW because of the fact that our target visitors  & exhibitors gets exactly what they want. For instance, please consider the fact that in our show we consider quality of visitor more than numeric count of visitor’s. We only cater industry specific visitors of a particular area.

  • Who is an Ideal Exhibitor?

    If your company is providing technical support in production or processing paddy, its storage, or any related service to Rice Millers Food Show is the must visit place for your company, because Food Show is the Country’s only FOCUSED SHOW of Rice industry.

  • What is the profile of the visitors of Food Show?

    If your company is interested in targeting the actual business visitor’s, we are the perfect choice.

    Only 18(+) Business Visitors are allowed with a strict No entry for general public. We maintain Business environment by issuing entry only to Badges / Invitation Cards holders, which is issued to all visitor’s / guests.

  • Why we charge our Visitor’s?

    Food Show entitles free entry to all the members of supporting association to visit our show. Other than the supporting association members, we charge a nominal entry fee from all the visitors. This is charged just to get the surety that all the visitor’s of the show are serious business visitor’s.