Food Show India @ Karnal, 2017

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“FOOD SHOW INDIA 2017,” is being organized by Chirag Agri Ventures Pvt Ltd., under the aegis of All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA), with the wholehearted support of Punjab Basmati Rice Millers Association (PBRMA) and Haryana Rice Millers & Dealers Association (HRMDA), promoted by Riceoutlook on 19th August, at Hotel Noor Mahal, Karnal (Haryana). Purpose of the conference cum exhibition is to highlight the Rice Industry of Northern India and showcase its prominence to international market by displaying the latest technology in rice material handling, rice processing, Automation in Rice Milling, storage and packaging of rice. Food Show is the country's only Rice Highlighting and Focusing, Conference cum Exhibition, where all the Rice Millers of the supporting Associations would be personally invited to share a common platform with the best Modern Rice Processing Machinery Manufactures (Exhibitors). Free entry for the members of AIREA, PBRMA and HRMDA.


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Rice Business in Haryana

Rice business in Haryana majorly comprises of Basmati Rice Exports. Karnal enjoys a delicious business of Basmati Rice with over 200 rice mills around the city, comprising of 40-45% worth of annual transaction of Haryana as its exporters have created new markets in the world, growing at over 20% annually.

India’s Total Basmati Exports in 2015-16:

  • 61 Million Metric Tonnes
  • INR 90873.7 Million
  • 40% -Haryana’s share of total exports

source: Apeda and Economic Times