Riceoutlook Industry Awards Sponsorship

Deliverables on being the Sole Sponsor of RIA (Riceoutlook Industry Awards)


  • In all the Advertisements / Contacts with the Targeted Audience regarding RIA only your company Logo will be Highlighted.
  • Deliverables at the Venue
    • 9 Sq. Mtr Premium Location Constructed Booth.
    • Presentation Slot for Corporate Presentation with Audio Visual Aid in between RIA Distribution Ceremony – 10 Minutes.
    • Logo Presence at Backdrop, Entry Gate, All the common branding area’s, Common Screen at Free time / Discussion time as RIA Sponsor.
    • Announcement from Front Desk as RIA Sponsors.
    • Sponsor Logo to be embossed on the trophies of Award Winners as “Exclusive Sponsor”.
    • Either of CEO / MD or similar grade representative of the Sponsor Company will be invited on stage for Felicitation of Couple of Awards.
  • Pre Event Promotions
    • Exclusive logo presence on the Invitation Cards of size (8.75 inch * 5.75 inch) & (2.85 inch * 8.75 inch) which will be send to target audience for inviting them to the show.
    • SMS to Target Audience – 3 Times.
    • Email to All India Rice Millers – 5 Times.
    • Exclusive logo presence on social media promotion on Riceoutlook and Food Show Platforms.
    • Exclusive logo presence on Online Promotion on Google Adwords.
  • Advertisement
    • Premium Advertisement in the White Paper of the Show, to be released after 15 days of the show.
    • Premium Advertisement in Show Souvenir.
    • Premium Advertisement in Show Website.
    • Advertisement on riceoutlook.com as RIA Exclusive Sponsor.
    • Logo Presence on Cover Page of Riceoutlook Magazine (to be distributed at the show).
  • Post Event Promotions
    • Thank-you SMS to the Targeted audience at the show.
    • Bulk Mailer to the targeted audience for visiting the show.

Marketing Plan for promoting RIA (Riceoutlook Industry Awards)

  1. Advertisement on National television for 1 Month.
  2. Advertisement in News Papers.
  3. Banner Advertisement in Major Mandi’s of Haryana and Punjab and Rice Milling Cluster’s of the same area’s (1st June till Event Date)
  4. SMS to the Targeted Audience – at-least 10 times before the show.
  5. Email to the Targeted Audience – at-least 15 times before the show.
  6. Promotional Letter to the Applicants – 1 Time
  7. Social Media Promotion
  8. Google Ad-word promotion