Unique Color Sorter

Unique color sorter , India

Unique color sorter is engaged in the design, installation and modernization of lots of Grain Processing Industries and Color Sorters in India. In this company highly specialized and experienced team of engineers and specialists to assist our customers to achieve a viable business case through good feasibility, high efficiency, high availability, low maintenance costs and above all a well-functioning plant. As a company it works closely with leading sorting and milling equipment manufacturer’s across the world for staying abreast with state-of-the-art solution. From consultancy, feasibility analysis, machinery selection and supply, project management to installation, commissioning, on-site training and contract-mill operation, they work closely with our customers. We have installed more than 800 machines all over India. They deals in various type of color sorter like rice color sorter, wheat color sorter, tea color sorter, peanut color sorter, beans color sorter in India. They deal in all type of color sorter machine service Maintenace & AMC.

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